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Chemical-Free Floor Cleaning From FactoryCat

Zero3 Onboard Zero3 Wall Mount Unit

New ZerO3 Cleaning Technology

Clean your warehouse, factory, arena and storage floors with safe, effective, aqueous ozone.

Aqueous ozone occurs naturally and can be identified by the fresh aroma that is present after a thunderstorm. An extra oxygen atom is added to the rain water turning it into Aqueous Ozone (O3). The third oxygen atom’s bond remains radical, unstable & seeks organic matter to oxidise.

Available as an onboard system mounted on a FactoryCat scrubber, or as a wall-unit for retro-fitting your existing equipment

Destroys known pathogens that have developed resistance to standard cleaning methods. Ozone’s third radical atom makes it an extremely strong oxidizer.
Saves Money
Save money compared to chemicals. Remove the high cost associated with transportation of detergents and the cost of labor to mix detergents. No operator mixing or prep required.
Proven Science
The use of Aqueous Ozone as an effective and safe oxidizer of organic matter spans over 100 years. Used in water treatment plants around the world for disinfecting and sanitizing.
Environmentally & Operator Safe
There is no danger of a costly chemical spill, employee health is protected and promoted. Operator friendly. Non-caustic, Non-toxic, antimicrobial, and no allergy worries.

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